Redefining International Pediatric Healthcare Experiences

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About Pediatric Potential

Pediatric Potential is a non-profit and non-political organization committed to strengthening the well-being of children and families around the world through research, teaching and outreach to improve pediatric healthcare experiences.

Our services foster new resources and sustainable support systems for our partner hospitals, clinics, and NGOs globally, enabling them to enhance protective frameworks and strengthen healthcare experiences for the hospitalized children and families in their care.

Our Services


Our team is dynamic in our comprehensive understanding of the diversity of international family systems, as well as the operations of hospital systems around the globe.

We believe that in order for enhanced healthcare experiences for children and families to become sustainable, training must be accessible, culturally responsive and empower local healthcare practitioners to apply pediatric psychosocial care practices within the hospitals/clinics of their unique cultural contexts.

Services provided by Pediatric Potential are guided by these principles and are evidenced by the education and experience of our team, which ranges from North America, South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent.


1. On-site Visit

We believe that each partnership opportunity is unique. As the first step in the process, we meet on-site with the team to learn about their organization, their goals and their resources.

2. Identify Partners' Potential

During this phase we work with partners to determine what resources and services will be best suited to assist them in reaching their desired goals.

3. Tailored Support Delivery

Once we have collaboratively identified a strategy to assist our partners in meeting their potential, we work to support sustainable program or process improvements.