The Pediatric Patient's Hierarchy
of Developmental Needs©

Central to the Pediatric Patient's Hierarchy of Developmental Needs (PPHDN) © framework is the concept of thinking of the child and family as an ecosystem.

The idea is that the features effecting healthy development and functioning are best understood through examining the intersection of biological and social influences.


Through knowledge exchange, we strive to understand our partners' current approaches towards meeting their Pediatric Patient's Hierarchy of Developmental Needs ©.

We foster new resources and sustainable support systems enabling partners to enhance their protective framework approaches within each domain of the culturally responsive PPHDN ©, for hospitalized children to reach their full potential.

Our evidence-based strategy may utilize a combination of knowledge exchange, collaborative research, staff education and training, psychosocial service development, environmental design consultation, and resource fostering to facilitate project management for proposal development individualized to our partners' growth potential.