Our Inspiration:
A promise from a mother to her daughter

The Priyanka Foundation

The Priyanka Foundation began as a promise from a mother to her daughter. The two were grateful recipients of Child Life Services offered at hospitals in Minnesota in the United States during their difficult 4-year journey with childhood leukemia.

Initially, Priyanka was scared of the medical procedures, equipment and isolation. However, with the support of Child Life Service staff, her hospital routine became predictable and less frightening, which allowed herself, her friends and her family to experience reduced stress and a positive sense of wellness.

With this image in mind, Priyanka and her mother promised each other they would work to start a Child Life and Development Program for hospitalized children in their ancestral homeland of India. Unfortunately, Priyanka never had the chance to see that promise fulfilled: her body succumbed during a bone marrow transplant in August 2003.

For over a decade, The Priyanka Foundation worked to positively impact the lives of hospitalized children in India. Through their efforts, tremendous accomplishments in the provision of psychosocial care has been achieved; a sustainable Child Life Program has been established at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, Karnataka, India; the first Child Life Internship outside of North America, following the U.S. Child Life guidelines was completed on-site and to-date, this program has impacted the lives of over 6,000 children and their families, with that number continuing to grow every day.

Throughout the journey to achieve these overwhelming successes, The Priyanka Foundation collected data, examined patient satisfaction feedback, and engaged in strategic partnerships with hospitals and charitable organizations to meet their goals. The use of this collected data and experiences of the members facilitated the evolution of The Priyanka Foundation into Pediatric Potential. Adapting to the changing face of healthcare and integrating the many lessons learned, we have refocused our efforts to provide positive healthcare experiences for children and their families on a global scale.

Pediatric Potential was inspired by the initial promise between Priyanka and her mother and has evolved to incorporate new evidence-based practices, research opportunities and partnerships.